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"Numpy Labs is a very professional team."
know their stuff." "It's been an absolute pleasure to engage with them." "Always available and very savvy when it comes to the consultancy we require." "Thank you so much, you guys. You've been an awesome partner to work with." "We keep our hopes up to have a tremendous amount of success together in the near future."

Numpy Labs demonstrated the ability to understand the problem thoroughly before proposing solutions. The process of working with Numpy Labs was described as cohesive and efficient. They have expertise across various areas, including front end, back end, and cloud-native apps, especially in healthcare. Paradocs Health values the high quality of work delivered by Numpy Labs and aims to continue their working relationship. Omar recommends Numpy Labs to anyone seeking development and consultancy services.

AWS Partners / Client Reviews

"Hamza has become my go-to resource for everything AWS and Python-related. He is exceptionally responsive, has top-notch technical skills, and has a gift at explaining what he will do and has done. I cannot recommend him or his company highly enough"

"Hamza is very talented and easy to work with. We are excited to continue a relationship with him because he has the skill set to deliver within time and budget. We will definitely be requesting his service and expertise again!"

"Hamza, like always, is very responsive, helpful and professional. He spends a meaningful amount of time and asks questions until he has a full understanding of your project and requirements. He then promptly completes the task. He knows what he is doing and I can fully trust him and his work."

"Hamza was extremely helpful. It was a very simple problem but he walked me through it step by step whilst explaining what was going on thoroughly. He seemed to have expert knowledge in this field and I could trust him. If I have any other problems (which I definitely will), he will be my go-to person."

"Hamza solved my problem to perfection. He speaks fluent English, and asked releavnt and clarifying questions upfront to ensure that we both understood my goals. Once he developed the coding and architecture solution, he joined me on a call and led me through what he had done (and why), effectively empowering me to understand and build on what he had done. Throughout, he was very responsive and attuned to my timeline and needs. It was a great experience working with him.

"Hamza was expert at modifying my code and configuring all the infrastructure necessary to migrate my project to AWS EC2. He performed troubleshooting very quickly, solving several problems that had blocked myself and others for some time. Throughout his work for me he explained very clearly what he was doing and why. I am grateful for his professionalism and responsiveness."

"I recently hired Muhammad of Numpy Labs for an AWS project involving the migration of a Lambda function to ECS Fargate, with integrations from S3 and Step Functions. Simply put, he was fantastic. Muhammad knows AWS like the back of his hand. He expertly handled the task, ensuring everything was moved and integrated smoothly. His work was efficient and on point. When it came to communication, Muhammad was top-tier. He was quick to respond to my questions, always clear in his explanations, and excellent at troubleshooting. Muhammad met all deadlines and was a joy to work with. If you need an AWS expert who's reliable and easy to work with, I'd definitely recommend Muhammad. Five stars all around."

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